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Know before you go to Salkantay Trek

What makes SUNRISE PERU TREK stand out from other companies?

SUNRISE PERU TREK sets itself apart from the competition by spending a great deal of time training their guides and staff, ensuring you have the highest quality team working for you while trekking. We work hard to ensure you have a customized trip, thus enhancing your Salkantay Trek experience and we believe hard work and a positive, eco-friendly attitude differentiates us from the other companies you will find in Cusco and Peru.

How does SUNRISE PERU TREK support eco-tourism?

SUNRISE PERU TREK strongly believes in the saying “Let the Salkantay Trek change you, do not change the Salkantay Trekking.” After many years of working in the trekking industry, SUNRISE PERU TREK has seen the effect that tourism can have on the environment; therefore, SUNRISE PERU TREK has developed ways to protect our beloved Mother Nature. We carry out all of our rubbish with us, an expense that, unfortunately, not all the operators see as justified. Our cooking is done over adapted gas–never firewood. We urge our clients to bring warm clothes for evenings, as we do not believe in campfires.

Salkantay Trek

What is the best time of year for trekking Salkantay to Machu Picchu?

In Peru, there are two seasons one of them is considered prime time for trekking. These times range from December – April is the raining season which is not good time for walking; the other is the dry season from May to November this is the best time for trekking in Peru

What is the weather like for Salkantay Trek?

The Salkantay Trek runs through the national park of Machu Picchu which is located in the region of Cusco. Cusco is an extremely diverse region for its size. The temperature can range from extremely hot (37-40C) in the jungle regions, to negative temperatures in the mountainous regions.
However; the weather is relatively fresh. The annual average in the city goes from 10.3° and 11.3° Celsius (50.54° to 52.34° Fahrenheit). The temperature is relatively stable during the summer and Winter. Usually, it is cold at night and during the first morning hours the temperature increases considerably until noon. On June, the temperature frequently decreases below zero to 5° and 7°C (23° and 19.4°F).

Cusco is under the macro-climatic influence of great air masses originating from the South-Eastern Jungle, the High Plateau, and even from the distant region of La Patagonia. The winds from the Southern Jungle involve large air masses filled with humidity, which are impelled by the Eastern Trade Winds.

The rain in Salkantay Trek

The Salkantay Trek has a special weather due to the height at which it is located as well as its closeness to the Equator. There are just 2 well-defined seasons: a dry season and a rainy one. The dry season goes from May to October and the rainy season goes from November to April. In general, the rain fluctuates between 600 to 2000 mm a year

What level of fitness is required for Salkantay Trek?

SUNRISE PERU TREK offers trekking opportunities for all every age and fitness level. Our treks are graded on difficulty level, 1 being the easiest and 5 being for advanced trekkers. The level of difficulty is based on the altitude and natural terrain of the trek. The difficulty levels for each trek can be found on each individual itinerary on both our website and brochures.

What equipment is needed for Salkantay Trek?

All technical equipment for mountain passes and camping treks are provided by SUNRISE PERU TREK. Aside from appropriate clothing, found on our “Packing List,” both on our website and in our brochures, we recommend brining sleeping bags (up to -20C) for most all treks. It is also necessary to have your own water bottle while trekking. Depending on your physical needs, it is also helpful to bring your own walking sticks/poles.

Can I join a group for Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu?

Yes. SUNRISE PERU TREK specializes in bringing together small groups of people, so you can better enjoy your time on the trail. We aim to keep our groups under 8 people for a more personalized experience. With our entire group joining treks, you may either join a pre-existing trip or book your own with the possibility of other trekkers being added to your group before your departure date.

How far do you have to walk each day while trekking?

SUNRISE PERU TREK strives to make your trek as customized and comfortable as possible, to give you the very best Sallkantay Trek experience. The average you will walk each day is 6 -7 hours-but this varies depending on the physicality, pace, and desire of the trekkers.

Do your guides speak English?

All guides at SUNRISE PERU TREK are highly trained in the English language. They are continually required to take English classes and further their skills. If they do not pass a certain level of English proficiency, they are not allowed to become full guides.

Where do we stay?

During our Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, you will be staying at camping sites, for which we provide 4-people capacity tent for only two persons in order to be more confortable; the last night you’ll be staying in a3-stars hotel in the town of Aguas Calientes. Our assistant guides or porters are sent ahead of you while trekking to setup the tents for the night. We provide all necessary equipment, including: sleeping mattresses, a dining tent, tables & chairs, lanterns, and toilet tents.

Salkantay Trek

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